What quality fabrics does the wool uniform fabric manufacturers make?

wool suit fabric supplier

Wool uniform fabric manufacturers supplying all grades of wool uniform fabric qualities.

For wool uniform fabric, wool material is surely of better quality and handfeeling. Wool uniforms is widely liked by mens or womens due to warm function ability and nice hand touch feeling. But wool uniform fabric is expensive due to the high cost reason. So what is wool uniform fabric? what quality fabrics does wool uniform fabric manufacturers make? when you learn about the wool uniform, you sometimes heard the term of super numbers of the wool fabric, like super 120 wool/super 100s wool/super 150 wool/super 220 wool suit/super 130 wool suit/super 180 wool suits, what does those number mean?super 100s wool

The super number means the width of the merino wool yarn in microns. Super means super fine. This spec is used to determine precisely how super fine the wool fibers used in the wool uniform fabrics are. Merino wool has different fiber thickness. The thinner wool fiber in micron, the higher cost or more expensive. The wool fiber is measured in Microns by the wool uniform fabric manufacturers. And the wool is graded using a numbers system as well. For example, Super 130s wool yarn is used roughly 17.25 microns wide wool fiber. The phrase ‘Super’ mean super fine. And it became associated with high quality fabrics always. For high quality wool uniform fabric, the wool uniform fabric suppliers always call it super 120 wool/super 100s wool/super 150 wool/super 220 wool suit/super 130 wool suit/super 180 wool suits and etc.wool suit fabric suppliers

A wool thread count of Super 100’s or higher is called a ‘ super fine quality wool’ and the cost of each wool suit fabric can rise significantly as these numbers rise. And the if the super fine wools are blended with luxury fibers such as mohair, cashmere and alpaca by the wool uniform fabric manufacturers, the wool uniform fabric will be much more expensive. Wool uniform fabric ranging from super 100’s to super 200’s wool are made with the best merino wool raw material which from Australia and new zealand. Australia and New Zealand have the best climates and conditions for super fine merine sheep grows. The wool uniform fabric suppliers import a lot merino wool raw materials of different specs every year. By imorting enough stock of merino wool raw material from Australia, Wooltex has been one of the largest wool uniform fabric manufactuers in China.wool dress fabrics

wool uniform made from Super 100’s ,110’s  and 120’s wool tend to work best for people who are looking for a good quality suit to wear often that is going to be durable and comfortable. These fabrics are ideal for people who have a good build and want a wool uniform suit with a finer fabric to highlight their body shape.

Suits made from Super 130’s and 140’s are best for people who do not use their suit as often and live in warmer climates or will be wearing it during the warmer summer months. These wool uniform fabrics are perfect for customers who care more about comfort than durability and warmth.

Suits that using Super 150’s to 200’s are suits made from fabrics that are incredibly fine and almost silk like in their texture and weight. These luxury suiting wool fabrics are unbelievably soft to touch and wear. They are however not as durable as clothing made using lower super numbers and for this reason are usually made for special occasions or for instances where the suit will only be worn occasionally.super 220 wool

Cashmere suit fabric.

Cashmere is from Goat instead of sheep. Cashmere is exceptionally fine,soft,strong and light weight. compared to sheep’s wool, cashmere wool fabric provides three times the insulating power. Cashmere wool is the fine undergrowth fibers of a cashmere goat from Mongolia. Cashmere uniform fabric is made of cashmere and wool blended both. Cashmere suit fabrics include 10%cashmere+90%wool, 30%cashmere+70%wool, 100%cashmere and etc. The longer cashmere fibers are deemed higher quality and will find their way into your luxury cashmere suits. Wooltex is the best cashmere wool uniform fabric manufacturer in China who makes all kinds of wool uniform fabrics and cashmere uniform fabrics. As a famous wool suit fabric manufacturer, Wooltex provides cashmere suit fabric and wool uniform fabric wholesale in ready stocks.cashmere suit fabric

Wool workwear fabric suppliers.

As one of the professional wool workwear fabric manufacturers in China, Wooltex makes all kinds of wool workwear fabrics. Depend on different working condition required, clients could choose the right quality wool workwear fabrics to make workwears as they need. Wooltex has been the professional wool workwear fabric supplier for over 20 years history by supply various quality of workwear fabrics. Wooltex could also custom make the wool workwear fabrics as per clients’ special function quality requirements as well.wool workwear fabric suppliers

Wool military fabric manufacturers.

Wooltex also makes and supplies wool fabrics for military army of many countries. Since Military army sometimes need to excute special task like cold island landing on, remote rescue on the sea and etc. Wool military fabrics could keep the soldiers’body warm and cool according to the temprature changes. Military wool fabric is now more and more widely adapted for military clothing making. As one of the professional wool military uniform fabric manufacturers, Wooltex keeps developping new functional quality wool military fabrics every year. If you are looking for a wool military fabric supplier or military clothing manufacturer partner, just contact Wooltex for a wool military fabric catalogue or wool military clothing quotation.military fabric manufacturers

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